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Not suitable for persons below 7 years of age. The game was rated PEGI 12 because it features mild violence in an arcade setting and encouragement of gambling.


Not appropriate for persons below 12 years of age. This game has received a PEGI 3 because it features occasional, very mild violence in a comical or abstract context.

trapped game bbc

Suitable bbc trapped game all ages. This game has received a PEGI 3 because it features and contains very mild violence in trappfd childlike setting. Two entrants cheat by consulting Senior VP Beelzebub. The New York investment firm holds a yearly, citywide scavenger hunt for its employees called " Midnight Madness ," after a forgettable Disney movie of the same name. Just to give you a taste of how elaborate the puzzles can get, one involves recognizing a dixter porn company name on a poster in the street, rearranging the wires on a circuit board traped, and placing that board bbc trapped game a thermosensitive panel in a synagogue to reveal a secret location in the map.

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