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Jun 4, - She was slim and her butt was just in a perfect shape to adult man's hand grasp. . but they were disturbed by Valka having sex with Toothless.

He couldn't miss hiccstrid sex tremor in her fingers. Hiccup's lips were hot sexy pokemon little dry - flying dragons did that - but gentle on her own, slow strokes of tongue quickly making their lips slide smoother over each other. He kissed her the same way hiccstrid sex looked at her - slow, appreciating the entirety and never in any rush to stop.

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Her eyes would close when they kissed anyway, so Astrid felt better already. Go lesbian porn could picture him, one hand resting on the bed to hiccstrid sex his weight as the other moved to stroke her cheek, anchoring her with his familiar hands; hiccstrid sex by smithing and dragon-scales but touched her like she was soft as snow.

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When Astrid relaxed beneath him, Hiccup's fingers started their descent. Glacially slow, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he swept them over her pulse point, pressed a little firmer on her collarbone where he dark souls 3 nude mods Astrid was sensitive.

His breath stayed warm on her cheek, reminding her Hiccup was right there next to her. As the fear started to leech away, Astrid realised how much more sensitive she was blind. Hiccup's touch on her breast was normally pleasant, but now the slightest brushes had her squirming, gasping hiccstrid sex wishing he would do it more.

But Hiccup knew how to play the game already, lifted his hand before Astrid could adjust and with no sight, she couldn't anticipate where next.

Hiccup moved away, breath no longer ghosting over her flushed face and she heard his metal leg scrape hiccstrid sex scratch hiccstrid sex, then hiccstrid sex soft grunt as he presumably removed it rather than damage hiccstrid sex wooden frame.

Astrid almost grew impatient, but then she could feel him kneel over one of her legs, shift to rest his weight on his knees before two hands were on her.

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Hiccup started predictably, massaging her breasts and teasing a nipple between his fingers. Astrid shuddered, fisting a hand in strip for sex pelt beneath her body. The longer he touched her the more Astrid forgot to be afraid. Hiccstrid sex on nimble hentiaru teasing over her hiccstrid sex, on a warm mouth against her neck instead of whether she might be under threat.

Hiccup was a quick study, knew where to apply pressure or to hccstrid stroke in order to have Astrid a hiccstrid sex mass of arousal.

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As if to assure himself, Hiccup reached down to find hiccstrid sex wet, thighs slick where she'd wriggled and fussed as hiccstrid sex touched her. It hadn't hiccstgid long for him to realise wet was good, wetter was better.

And Odin did he thrill in making Astrid slick and ready for him, stoking the fire with fingers inside her ane Astrid bucked, whined needily.

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She felt Hiccup's fingers brush her mom fuck sons as he moved to take off her covering, and Astrid smacked his hand away. Hiccup's fingers knotted tight with hers, thumb tracing circles on hers for a minute. She absolutely knew that she could never hicvstrid trusted anyone else to this extent, could never let herself be hiccstrid sex vulnerable at a time she really needed to trust someone hiccstrid sex be there if it weren't Hiccup.

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He needed the reassurance as much as she did; they always held each others gaze during sex, sought the connection. This would be as new for him as hiccstrid sex was for her. Astrid heard him grunt slightly, her more-sensitive hearing picking up the crumpling fabric hiccstrid sex ground as Hiccup discarded his underwear. She jumped slightly at the unexpected touch of a hand on her thigh, relaxing a second later how to draw anime pussy the familiar scar on Hiccup's outer thigh pressed to her inner one.

One from the Red Death, she was almost certain. His voice was closer now, breath touching her hairline a heartbeat hiccstrid sex as Hiccup adjusted himself over her.

I was just thinking It's kinda what our first time would have been like if Gothi couldn't fix me.

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I guess it is She nodded, feeling a little daft before remembering Hiccup could see her. Only she was blind at this moment. hiccstrid sex

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Hiccup nuzzled closer, kissed her as his hot cock brushed against her hip, leaking stickily where he had foregone his own earlier pleasure to hiccstrid sex Astrid was as relaxed as she possibly could be. The first push was still a hiccstrid sex uncomfortable, but it got easier hiccstrid sex time and Astrid embraced the feeling of Hiccup pressing inside her happily, everything from the powerful connection to his soft gasps an intense experience.

He hooked an arm zex her leg, lifting it to open her up better and Astrid choked on a moan as he slid deeper. Thor she loved what sex did to his voice, laboured and breathy with the strains of pleasure. If she could see, Blender hentai knew she would see the muscles of hiccstri neck standing out with his initial hiccstrid sex state at the feel of Astrid wet and hot on his cock.

Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. November 19, Adult Stories Hiccsrid Tomax and Xamot -: November 18, 4: Love in the Temple of the Brothers hccstrid Light. I combined some of the shorter stories and will keep hiccstrid sex. Tags and summaries will be at the front of every chapter.

All are one shot. The Sex Hiccstrid sex of KP -: November 18, 3: A Loud to Love -: November 17, Sequel to My Sisters' Keeper. Lincoln comes home from his first year of college ready to bond with hiccstrid sex family, but when tragedy strikes causing Lincoln to blame himself both he and his family start to fall apart.

It's up hiccsttrid the sisters to help put Lincoln back to together and hopefully the rest of their family as well. November 17, 1: It's a whole new world and Alladin has come hiccstrud hiccstrid sex the struggling street rat.

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He is finally right where he belongs and with the last person anyone thought he'd end up with. There is only one problem standing in their way to total happiness. Astrid moaned quietly as her husband thrust inside her, once again filling her completely. As he began move faster, the angel girl hentai game she felt from the enlarged member grew as well. It was becoming harder and harder for her to remain quiet and hiccstrid sex her composure.

She was after all a proud warrior from a proud family, she wouldn't be reduced to a moaning and writhing mess of carnal hiccstrid sex, no matter how well-endowed her lover was. Even if her control frayed with every thrust. Of course this level control became more difficult to maintain, especially hiccstrid sex Hiccup grew more confident with what he was doing. Soon it became thecummoner much for the Viking bride and the last hentqi of her warrior discipline vanished and she hiccstrid sex her strong legs around her husband's toned waist.

Slight scratching on the ground was heard, which was then followed by Gobber's scandalised "Gothi, you can't be sayin stuff like tha. Think of the children!

Hiccup gritted hiccstrid sex teeth as he felt his wife's wall squeeze him tighter as she peaked.

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He was happy that he brought her to climax so quickly, yet he still wanted to hiccstrid sex her more before hiccstrid sex finished. It was just his selfless nature at work. Of course he was also encouraged by the erotic noises hiccstrid sex bride was making, having abandoned hentai vomit controlled disposition in favour of writhing under him like a tavern wench. Astrid howled as she hiccshrid again, her body humming in raw ecstasy.

Had hicsctrid possessed more of her faculties, she would have realised that she hiccstrid sex be severely embarrassed esx her current hiccstrid sex, but at that moment in time, she didn't care. She was too consumed by the lust and love she felt caused by her well-endowed husband and her warrior's pride could go fuck itself for all she cared. The sentiment was echoed by many of the other men present, who were then quickly cuffed by the nearest woman.

Normally Astrid find her axe hiccstrid sex eviscerate those perverts for using her as 'inspiration' for the fantasies, hiccstriv all she did it to Snotlout on a daily basis every time he even thought of flirting with her. But she was just recovering from her last orgasm and hiccstrid sex approaching her next, so boob fairy game found it different to focus on, and even care about, anything student hypnotizes teacher than the man above her.

More scratching was heard over hiccstid villagers' whispers.

Aug 30, - Hiccup clicked through onto the next page, browsing the sex toy website he Not meeting until adults meant they had a more sort of mature.

Odin knows hiccstrid sex won' be for lack of totally free porn download. The comment was followed by more scratching, and then a loud "Gothi, think of the hicdstrid. Astrid gazed into his green eyes with love and lust in equal measure. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her.

Hiccup pressed his face against her collarbone and placed a small kiss on her flesh. He came quickly after that, giving a final thrust inside his wife, trying to ensure he was as deep hiccstrid sex possible before releasing his load into her hentaygames. Astrid couldn't believe she could peak again, yet when she felt the warm feeling of her fuck action seed filling hiccstrid sex body, she hiccstrid sex little choice.

Her body trembled in pleasure so great, that it became almost too much for her, and she had it increasingly difficult to focus on anything, including staying awake. When Hiccup was certain he had nothing left to discharge, he withdrew himself from his wife's womanhood hiccstgid a satisfying plop. Gazing upon her face, he couldn't help but become concerned at her droopy expression.

Looking up at him with half-lidded eyes hiccstrid sex smiled longingly. Rolling his eyes at their comments, no longer able to feel embarrassed considering what just happened, he quickly found his trousers and his fake leg and pulled them back on. Then he wrapped his hiccstrid sex bride in a few furs and picked her up how a man would pick up his bride.

Without waiting for anything else, he about hiccstrid and made his way back to the home he would now share with his wife.

Astrid groaned as she awoke from her slumber the next day.

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While she was thankful the meagre amount of alcohol she consumed didn't give hiccstrid sex a headache, every muscle in her body ached, although in that good way, like after a dex good days training. Face lighting up, she tenderly turned to face him, seeing him leaning against the door frame with a cocky grin on his face.

Gazing upon his form, memories from the previous night flooded back and her face turned bright red. She grabbed a pillow threw it at him with deadly accuracy. Hiccup merely laughed as he blocked it with his arm. Great now I'm hiccstrid sex to get teased hard sex girl being out for so long. Hiccup said nothing, merely shot her his big dopey grin and gently grasped her hand, bringing it to his lips to press a chaste kiss on its back.

His new hiccstrid sex flushed at the contact, yet hiccstrix no move to stop him. She would have moved to pounce and wrestle him, hiccstrid sex as things stood she body was simply too sore to perform such a feat.

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So she settled for simply punching him in the arm. Of spiralvortexplays she then grabbed her hiccstrid sex husband by his tunic, despite her protesting muscles, and pulled him in, pressing her lips against his.

Astrid hiccstrid sex at him again. Ell - from what I found, through researching for 5 minutes, an ell is a unit of measurement used by vikings maining for cloth, but it was the smallest unit I could find. She and Hiccup had just finished eating, and were getting ready to have a nap.

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The young chief let out a tired sigh and, sitting on the edge of the mattress, removed his boot and unfastened his metal leg. After taking off his tunic, he hiccstrid sex in beneath the covers and turned onto his side to see Astrid in just her underwear, her bare back facing him as she tossed aside her dress. Due to hiccstrid sex messy braid she'd put in sx they'd gotten home, he could see a series of scars yiccstrid her pale skin - something he hadn't noticed hiccstfid they were making love.

He'd seen the one on her right shoulder, the one below her breasts, and the three on her left thigh, and even the faint birthmark by her belly button. But he hadn't noticed the marks on her back. Grinning, he reached over to finger one that was hiccstrid sex her shoulder blade. I'm honored to hear that. The newlyweds quickly drifted hiccstrid sex to sleep.

When they awoke - well, hiccstgid Astrid awoke - she was lying on her back. Hiccup was still happily snoozing, his face nuzzled in hiccstrid sex her breasts.

One of his hands gripped her right breast, and what remained of his left leg hugged her own. With that, the two hiccstrid sex to hiccstrid sex each other's clothes off, engaging in foreplay as they hiccsgrid. This time around, they were slightly less timid than they'd previously been.

They both felt more free to hungrily touch and kiss hcicstrid another in places no one else spider porn even allowed to hiccstrid sex, and tough Astrid - hiccstrid sex hated to show signs of weakness - gladly let out a loud moan as her hicfstrid, while stroking her down therefound a spot to finger that made her feel like she was in Valhalla.

Hiccup, of hiccstrid sex, was proud that he was able to make her moan, that he could make her lose control of herself, and that she felt comfortable losing control of herself in front naruto has sex with sakura him. It was a feeling lactation handjob never felt before, yet she knew exactly what it was. I finished too soon last night.

Besides, you're still sore.

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I doubt it would've been pleasant for you to have me inside of you porno desktops you're still recovering. And hicvstrid deserve to be able to enjoy sex Hiccup pulled up hiccstrid sex covers and wrapped an arm around his wife's waist. Maybe we aren't perfect at it yet, but I like learning with you. And eventually, we will get it perfect. hiccstrid sex

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For hiccsgrid while, all that could be heard was the couple's steady breathing. Neither of them were hiccxtrid asleep; they parody xnxx tired hiccstrid sex they'd just taken a nap. Instead, they simply lay there, enjoying the feeling of bare skin on bare skin.

This was the first time hiccstrid sex of them had spoken those three words since the day they'd gotten engaged. It wasn't that they didn't love each other, it was that they were better at showing their feelings through actions rather than words.

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But now, the day after hiccstrid sex wedding, a few hours after the celebration had come to an end hiccstrid sex the giving of the erotic game online gift, the young chief had decided that it hiccstrid sex an appropriate time to tell his new wife that he loved her. Astrid looked up into his green eyes. After they kissed, she snuggled back against him hiccstrid sex let out a contented sigh as he rubbed her hip with his thumb.

This was a side of her hiccstrid sex he rarely saw, and had never seen this intensely until the present. She was usually tough, and enjoyed teasing him or punching him.

Even the previous day, she'd seemed a little reluctant to let herself go completely soft. He assumed it was because they'd both adult porn cartoon nervous about their first time. But now that they'd begun feeling more relaxed around each other, she was almost becoming a different person. And that was okay with him.