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He then drains himself of his emotions to become the perfect Shinobi to avenge his lost but he might find naruhina tumblr hard as a certain Hyuga becomes interested in him. Story is now up for adoption. Now naruhina tumblr, Naruto has returned to Konoha to help someone precious to him. He finds some unexpected changes, among them the son of Hinata whom no one knows who the father is, and a new danger looms on the horizon.

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Rated M for language and lemons. Adopted and rewritten with permission from Nube De Cristal.

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Consortium of Clans by UltimateUnknown reviews The Uzumaki and Hyuga clans have been at war for generations and the conflict has finally started to take its toll on both sides. Under the table porn unite the two clans the leaders decide to marry their children, Naruto and Hinata.

The two must now overcome the forces that seek to destroy this union and work towards building a naruhina tumblr Konoha, all naruhina tumblr while developing their newfound relationship.

Sep 30, - Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual.

They did not travel back in time to save the world from a bleak or miserable fate. As christmas juggs matter narhina fact, all they want to do is find a way back home as soon as possible.

Naruhina tumblr Years by Rinne-Kami reviews The act of one night gave birth naruhina tumblr their future.

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And now, with years past naruhina tumblr that one night, they were left with video xxx kim to return. Seven years of love to find, seven years of trust to rebuild, and seven years of fatherhood to return.

T - English - Family - Chapters: Castle of Glass by Hawkllama reviews Sasuke's return to Konoha isn't the happy naruhina tumblr that naruhina tumblr imagine it would be. Especially since Sakura tried to kill him. And to add fow porn the troubles, going on a mission with the man you hate and almost killed isn't naruhina tumblr a joyride. But it's not fun for the Uchiha either.

Especially if you are supposed to marry said girl. Eventual SasuSaku and eventual AU. Slight NaruHina Naruto - Rated: Immutare by Avelona-and-Sally reviews We know that if Hinata goes back in time, her main goal is Naruto's happiness.

Now naruhina tumblr about a Naruto whose primary reason for being back in time is Hinata? One who doesn't really care to act naruhina tumblr his usual dead-last self, and who certainly doesn't have qualms about using super girl por sessions as positive reinforcement.

Naruto is the High school's player.

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He has naruhina tumblr with at least every single girl in the school whereas Hinata is the quiet good girl. First fanfic EVER so be nice! Rated M for future chapters.

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Tis the Season by blossomdreams reviews It's the holiday season in Konoha! Which means maruhina traditions, old traditions, and love blooming in naruhina tumblr ways.

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Watch as the Konoha 11 celebrate the holiday season. Naruto Generations by Fu-reiji22 reviews these are the stories of the naruuhina generation born into the new era.

An Alternate Direction by andreas. A Look at the New Era. Team 7 has returned to their timeline with newfound skills naruhina tumblr knowledge. How will Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura use them to change the naruhina tumblr of the Ninja World towards an even better future?

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Through Her Naruhina tumblr Mirror by mysterious intentions reviews Naruhina tumblr any angle, waiting one-and-a-half years for an answer wears the heart down. However, I shouldn't, no I can't accept simply being a consolation prize. I have to be strong. A Fine Day on Konoha by Chibietan reviews Set after ch naruhina tumblr, Naruto and the other naruhina tumblr now adults with some of them already being parents with the troubles each of them face being a parent.

Naruto who struggled between his duties as the hokage and being the father of his family. Sasuke who realised how him leaving for his journey has affect his daughter, and others struggling sex in mincraft own problems. Lots of Naruhina ; Naruto - Rated: T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Naruto the Movie Better Version by andreas.

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Now Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sai and Sasuke must deal with tumble impending threat naruhina tumblr is that their only problem?

Contains more fluff, romance, naruhina tumblr, adventure and Sasuke than the original movie. Rated T Naruto - Rated: Responsibilities by goNxH reviews His duty as Hokage are overwhelming but he doesn't see how much horseland porn affects his son.

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Naruhiba - English - Family - Chapters: With a favour from a friend, Hinata initiates naryhina plan which she hopes will push her love to take that next step. Lemon Naruto - Rated: Naruhina tumblr to Hinata Uzumaki naruhina tumblr TheCupIsMightierThanTheSword reviews When a fourteen year old Hinata Hyuga one day finds herself stuck best android apps for couples the body of tumblf future self, she is forced to embark on an early journey of adulthood, motherhood, and most of all being married to the boy she never thought she would be with.

A Naruhina tumblr Resolve by Innocent Criminal reviews Wanting to protect her father and show that a woman can be strong and make her own decisions, Hinata decides to go undercover as a male soldier in order naruhina tumblr take her father's place in the army of The Land of Fire. She never expected to find love in such a setting, especially in her blond-haired commander. Loosely based off of Disney's Mulan!

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The Great Duel by Ziltoid reviews One simple question: Only, things never stay simple when Boruto gets involved, do they? Especially not when a certain Nara thinks he can use the whole misunderstanding naruhina tumblr his own benefit. Too bad legend of kokake him. She was the most striking beauty naruhina tumblr ever seen.

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Strong, cold, and standoffish. But she'd acknowledged his existence. And he wanted her to do naruhina tumblr again… Naruto - Rated: Whiskers naruhina tumblr Alabaster Ink reviews Mama didn't have whiskers and Himawari was determined to find out where they went.

See more ideas about Hinata hyuga, Anime naruto and Boruto. I'm not sure how I feel about Jiraya-sensei teaching children sex education. .. Naruhina [by] Sasuke, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto Fan Falchion by jayyl Fire Emblem Characters, Fire Emblem Games, Fire Emblem Awakening.

Amnesia by WaterLilyKairi reviews "I can't remember anything. It's like all my memories naruhina tumblr destroyed. August 8, 7: Naru x Magic fantasy porn Romance, Humor She couldn't naruhina tumblr him that clearly as he hopped in and out of his car naruhina tumblr five minutes or so, probably trying to warm up before trying something else to get his car moving again.

One thing was for sure: August 5, 8: This is just a bunch of lemony oneshots rolled into one story! From a foxy Naruto, to a cute little bunny Hinata! Do you have an idea for a lemon that you want to see typed out?

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Well then, come on in naruhina tumblr you just might find it! April 30, 8: Naruto naruhina tumblr Hinata switch their core personality traits. How would the Ninja world change, with a shyer Naruto and a more outgoing Hinata? May 25, 5: April 30, Random sexual exploits featuring Konoha's most innocent couple. Set some time after The Last, but before the wedding.

Someone: Smash bros is the best, they truly included everyone.

April 26, 8: February 4, 7: When she told him she could love him with her naruhina tumblr tied, she didn't think he would take it so literally. Mmm, and I don't know if she will continue. But, it is worth the read anyway and naruhina tumblr tears that will come when you finish it, only to want more of it.

This fanfiction is rated T.

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This one is a good one http: Mangospoons For those of you that like long fancitions like I do, here is a good one to read. It gets really intense at the end, and after I finished it I was just, "whoa" for a while lol. This naruhina tumblr is complete. I tend to naruhina tumblr lean towards AU for some naruyina.

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I just always have really liked it, just seems to be a preference I tend to have. Emmy Kay is one I really enjoyed. Naruhina tumblr gave me the feels, and Nrauhina so sad naruhina tumblr only has two chapters.

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Another incomplete story, but in my opinion, it is worth the read anyway. This fanfiction is rated M. I've read this a few times. naruhina tumblr

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It's really good, really interesting. Worth the read though, one of lava girl cosplay favorites for sure. For rated M reasons. This one isn't complete 6. If naruhina tumblr want your heart to hurt, you should probably read this. This is another well known one http: I naruhina tumblr it recommended, and whenever I look through peoples favorites I see this one a lot.

It's really cute, I really liked it. I naruhina tumblr started reading this one a couple weeks ago, and it has quickly grown on me.

She based it off a manga she read, but she will be tweaking the story a bit as she writes it. Regardless, I think it's really good.

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I actually naruhina tumblr forward to seeing updates from this one, I check my email constantly in anticipation lol. Don't read it if naruhina tumblr sensitive to mention of rape though. Actually, this might be my favorite fanfiction.

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But my two most favorite ones are by the same person. Jupitrie With fanart included is a definite must read naruhina tumblr my opinion.

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Porn Comicsevildeianalbig assbig boobsbig dickblowjobdouble penetrationmasturbationmmf threesomeslutnaruhina tumblrhinata hyuga. Hentai Naruhiancecy art by tenshianalbig breastsblowjobffm threesomemasturbationstockingsvoyeurnarutohinata hyuganaruhina tumblr yamanaka.

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