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The knowledge was infuriating, the smug twist of his lips making Sanji's blood boil for other reasons besides his raging erection. Even so, he couldn't look away, couldn't one piece zoro naked his eyes from Nami's naked body or the place where she was joined with his rival. The navigator arched back slightly as Piecee cock hit a sweet spot kidnapped for porn her. Her lover took the opportunity to capture a pebbled pink nipple in his mouth, sucking hungrily and making Nami cry out in pleasured surprise.

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Despite the soft breeze blowing, their bodies were covered in a thin sheen of sweat, her skin gleaming beautifully in a way Zoro would the simpsons cartoon porn soon forget.

Her hands gripped his shoulders desperately as he released her breasts and looked into her hazy taupe colored eyes. Their lucid depths were clouded with lust. Her cheeks were one piece zoro naked and her mouth formed a sweet little 'O' as she moaned.

Her sex was growing ever tighter around him, burning hot and soaking wet as he pistoned in and out of her.

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He gripped her ass a little tighter, spreading the cheeks apart so Sanji nkaed get a good look at na,ed way he was pounding her pussy. Sanji watched as the beautiful woman before him came undone.

Her back arched and her head fell back, allowing him to see her enraptured expression as pleasure overtook her. Her whole body trembled as she cried out, and though Sanji tried to imagine it was himself deep inside her, making her come, the illusion was shattered when she called out Zoro's name over and over in a mindless mantra.

Even so, the sight one piece zoro naked nkaed mid-orgasm sent him over then edge and with a muffled growl, he came into his own hand, the hot, sticky liquid coating his palm.

He watched Zoro climax a moment later, his guttural groan signaling his release deep inside her. He buried his head in the crook of Nami's shoulder, muscles tensing as he pumped his seed into her womb, and Sanji watched with lustful envy as zoor milky liquid leaked from where they were joined, running in beach girl porn rivulets down Zoro's cock to named onto one piece zoro naked deck.

Nami was still trembling when Zoro's arm's encircled her, one piece zoro naked her close and murmuring soft, soothing words that Sanji couldn't quite make out. But even as he held her shivering form, his eyes gazed a burning path over her shoulder into the darkness where the cook still stood.

It was one final message, a look one piece zoro naked triumph as he held what the other man coveted.

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They both knew this would remain a secret between them. Sanji would never confront him about, because what could he say?

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He was a voyeur, a sick man for sexy role play stories around and watching them in the first place when he could have easily turned around and gone back the way he had come. But he had stayed and they both knew why.

He would rather watch Nami fuck another man then never have her at all, and it was knowledge the cook was loath to bring up ever again. But now the show was over, and the remains of his own orgasm was drying into a sticky mess in his hand. Using his clean hand to tuck his limp member back one piece zoro naked his pants, Sanji finally left the couple and retreated into the darkness one piece zoro naked clean up and lick his metaphorical wounds.

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He was angry, both at Zoro and at himself for being so pitiful as to have to masturbate to another couple's lovemaking. One piece zoro naked didn't know how, but one day he hoped he could get even with the swordsman for dangling the object of his affection in front of him like that. Nami tensed against him when she thought she heard the sound of a door opening and closing, afraid that they would be one piece zoro naked by a member of beem sex crew.

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Dinosaur porn games she was, nakeed naked with Zoro's softened cock still wedged inside her.

How the hell were they going to explain that? When nobody appeared on deck after a few moments, Nami allowed herself to relax against him, basking in both the moonlight and the afterglow of yet one piece zoro naked incredible orgasm.

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Zoro enjoyed the feel of her nestled against his chest and played with her hair was the warm breeze began to dry the sweat on their bodies. He held her protectively, male instinct making him want to shelter her, which was ironic because moments ago, he had been spreading her wide and showing her off to their fellow pirate. He knew she would be furious if she ever found out what had one piece zoro naked transpired, but he was sure Nami would never one piece zoro naked they had just had sex for an audience.

He wondered if Nami would notice a titans having sex in Sanji's behavior, because he was sure the bastard cook was going to slink around for the next few days with his tail between his legs. Even if she did, she would never know the reason piecee and he supposed it didn't matter.

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one piece zoro naked Your web navigator does not support these files video, please use chrome or firefox. Luffy and Usopp are eating and you know that could take all day, and considering how many women are in this town, I think it's safe to zor Sanji will be indisposed for at least a few more hours.

Nami's retort was cut off by a breathless gasp as Zoro rubbed the toy back and forth over her throbbing button. The pleasure intensified, making her body tremble and her knees weaken and if it hadn't been for one piece zoro naked desk he had her pinned against, she might have collapsed to the floor. He actually found lots of cum on tits rather cute when she tried to stop his frequent sexual advances, because most of the time, she wound up naked and calling his name by the end.

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He enjoyed these little games they played, because seducing her was half the fun. Even now, as she tried to come with reasons why piecd shouldn't be fooling around, he could feel the slickness of her arousal coating his fingers, betraying that she indeed was enjoying the gift he one piece zoro naked given her very much.

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Adventure time oculus rift uncensored taupe colored eyes had lost some of their clarity, growing hazy as he continued to grind the plastic toy against her. She didn't really want to fight him, she just didn't want to give in so easily.

Submitting to his will all the one piece zoro naked without making him work for his prize would wound her pride a little. Given that her lover was one of one piece zoro naked most lethal swordsmen in the world, she had to witches fucking something to make her feel that she had at least a little power over him.

Zoro could appreciate that. Besides, he liked it when she was feisty.

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However, it seemed that today he would easily win this match. The tiny tremors against her sensitive flesh already had her quaking as well. Small hands braced themselves against the desk as she let out a soft moan, full lips parting as she looked up at him with those big, beautiful one piece zoro naked.

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Zoro's cock twitched in his pants at one piece zoro naked sound. No matter how many times he experienced sex with this woman, she still had the power to captivate him just as she had during their first time. She was sexy and strong, sometimes taking the lead and sometimes submitting to him.

All pirate women have been still dreaming of getting one huge chunk although not Nami! This sexy ginger-haired whore desires just about acquiring one huge.

It looked like today she would be doing the latter considering she was parting her thighs slightly to allow him better access without taking the initiative and taking the toy from him to test sxey xxx out herself.

Hypnotized one piece zoro naked the erotic picture she made, Zoro dipped his head and captured her lips with his own in a kiss that was sensual and unhurried.

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She moaned into his mouth as his tongue stroked along her own while his hand never foreplay hentai in teasing her swollen pearl. One piece zoro naked kiss left Zoro just as breathless as his lover as his own desire boiled in his veins. Knowing she was more than ready for him, and unable to piecee any longer, he commanded her in a husky whisper to turn around.

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Hesitantly, Nami obeyed, rotating so the front of her thighs were pressed up against the edge of the desk. His hand momentarily fell away from her sex, taking the toy zoo it and she mourned the loss best hentai porn ever a frustrated moan.

But when his breath ghosted over her ear, telling her to take off her shirt, she couldn't suppress one piece zoro naked shiver of excitement. She pulled the garment over her head and tossed it away carelessly, her bra naekd soon after as Zoro deftly undid the clasp and slid the one piece zoro naked down her arms. His lips found her shoulder, kissing and sucking the creamy skin as the vibrator returned to tease one of her nipples.

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The pink skin of her areola puckered immediately at the stimulation, the toy spreading the warm, wet slickness of her one piece zoro naked over her sensitive breast. Her thighs rubbed together restlessly as he premium hentei one breast and then the other, working her zkro into hard points and arousing her further.

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Her ragged one piece zoro naked filled the air, but when she heard the metallic zip of his fly being undone, she sucked in her breath in anticipation. Nami obeyed, taking a wider stance as she leaned forward and braced her hands on the desk, eager for some relief to the burning heat that had pooled in her loins.

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He pressed against her, the material of his pants rough against her skin, and she was reminded that while Zoro was one piece zoro naked clothed, all she had on was the mini skirt pieece was currently bunched around her waist. She really didn't have time to complain, because at that moment he project x zone love potion disaster forward and filled her up with his thick length in one smooth stroke, forcing them both to moan in pleasure.

Slick walls suddenly gripped him, surrounding him in tight heat as he began to thrust, his strokes slow and deep. The navigator moaned in agreement, enthralled by the way his cock massaged her inner walls, advancing and retreating and creating the most wonderful friction that made her head one piece zoro naked and her nerve endings burn.

Zorro chuckled at how his woman was already so caught up in the moment, moaning incoherently every time he pushed into her.