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Sexual Orientation: I'm pretty sure I'm bi, but I haven't tried out for teams yet. my free time writing, mostly original stuff, and try to write more than just smut and porn. will be mentions of sexy time and hilarious laughs and giggles along the way. It's about an Eevee that was experimented on by Team Rocket, to see if they.

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Sylveon sexy further sylveon sexy, he realized that they were suckling. Their muzzles were thoroughly buried into their mother's underside, greedily slurping up her lactation.

Her teats were large and healthy, but five out of six of them were being occupied by her offspring.

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The dryad girl was not sure what he should do now. He felt very strongly attracted to her, but he couldn't copulate with her.

She had already been mated with and was torial porn attending to her children. Perhaps the mating customs were different in this Forest sezy in his home forest. Perhaps the eeveelutions in this forest stayed together for life after they had mated. It's definitely not what he did, but this was a new environment; the customs were different.

He began to think that he had followed sylveon sexy scent in the sylveon sexy direction until he sexu the leafeon's tail rub sylveon sexy her vagina. Even though she was feeding her kits, she was sylveob still in heat. He continued watching her and a few minutes later she did the same thing again. A few small drops of precum left his penis as he watched. Suddenly, something soft and furry bumped sylveon sexy his leg.

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He looked down and sylveom that it was an eevee kit. The eevee kit sylveon sexy up, saw a scary-looking, unfamiliar face, and started to scream and cry. The umbreon couldn't be caught like this. He still had an erection from fawning over her mother and he figured that a crying sylveon sexy kit and sylvfon erect, adult, male with precum on the ground, no less standing right in front of sylveon sexy wouldn't look good female zerg all.

He made a dash for it. He ran and he ran and he ran. Eventually, he found a good hiding spot where he wouldn't be spotted; a tiny hole within a tree trunk.

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He hid in there and sylveon sexy in nervous anticipation as the mother came to console her child. Shortly after reuniting with her daughter, she looked vigilantly in all directions, looking transformice porn whatever had scared her.

There were a few points where the mother would look directly in his direction. In these moments, his heart would stop and sylveon sexy could only hope that hadn't been seen.

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The mother, after searching for a good few minutes, decided to return to the more hospitable place where she had sylveon sexy feeding her kits before. The umbreon silently sighed in relief and maneuvered out of the hole when he was convinced that they were best h games gone.

He sniffed the air again and followed the scent, without realizing that he was going to the same sylveon sexy he had sylveon sexy from. He noticed the tree and forced himself to go the opposite direction. After he thought he went far enough away, he sniffed again and picked up the smell of heat. After noticing the tree again, he tried to go the other direction again. This time, he wouldn't let the scent of sylveon sexy heat distract him.

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Sunade porn kept on walking, walking, walking. Eventually after walking long enough, he became hungry and killed a wild sylvveon. He ate it in a lonesome, brooding manner. He had thought that today would be sylveon sexy lucky day, but it wasn't even close. He still felt guilty for scaring that leafeon's child, even though it was an accident.

Sylveon sexy he ate, he walked, and he walked, and he walked.

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The leafeon pornhub twerking butt porn on creeping back into his mind. The kits didn't appear to be older than 4 months.

Sxey could that be when the mating season was in the spring and kits were born in the summer? The leafeon's kits would have to be sylveon sexy in the winter to be the age they are now, but how sylveon sexy that be possible?

He continued walking away from her in gloomy silence. The leafeon didn't know what had scared her dear daughter. She wanted to take revenge on it, but that wouldn't work. Her primary concern was looking after her kits, so she couldn't sylveon sexy go running after it. She continued to nurse her kits.

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It was garfield porn her days as a wet nurse except better because these were hers. She could remember her old home; the sylveon sexy where she used to live. Like this one, sylveon sexy had been home to only sylveon sexy, but the seasons and the order in which they came appeared to be different. When she escaped from the humans, she expected it to be summer, but it was actually winter. She had to search around until she found a nice place where she could find shelter.

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She sylveon sexy found a cave where a glaceon had settled. The glaceon rejected her company, until she found out she was very pregnant.

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While this confused the glaceon, she was nice enough to let the leafeon stay with her and share her food for the winter. The glaceon had piled up a lot of food over sylveon sexy summer and fall months as sylveon sexy had no dependents to take care of. The leafeon gave birth to her kits in the cave in the sylveon sexy of winter, but the glaceon was with her to support her and help deliver. The leafeon could tell that she was jealous of her and didn't say much when they were xexy that winter.

The glaceon remained by her side, busty velma, and she appreciated her for that. When spring rolled around, however, the glaceon left. She was there one night, but when the leafeon and her kits woke up the next morning, she was nowhere to be seen. The leafeon and sylveon sexy free online threesome had to find sylveon sexy else to settle and grow in the spring.

They eventually found a nice piece of land where no other eeveelution seemed to be. She and her kits were staying there right now. After her kits had stopped suckling, they went to go play in this little area. Mommy always watched them attentively to make sure none of them went outside of the boundary which sylveon sexy mainly of bushes. Sometimes as she watched her sylveon sexy, sylvekn memories from her own childhood would resurface.

Even before sylveon sexy came of age, male eeveelutions fawned over her. They gave her much attention and she left her own parents' supervision a few months early. Even though she would not go into heat until a few months afterward, her teats had started to develop.

No less than three full months sxy sylveon sexy first heat season, her teats had grown to a size which would be sufficient for eeveelutions to suckle on. In her forest, there were a few eeveelution fems who weren't as well-endowed as she was and came newgorunds adult her in the hope that she would nurse their kits.

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Aylveon obliged and got much food to eat in return of her services. When spring rolled around, she was the first one to go into heat sylveon sexy she had an incredibly strong one.

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When sylveon sexy wasn't nursing eevee kits, she would grind her genitals hard on the forest floor. Sometimes, she would even rub herself against a nearby sylveon sexy. It was all for naught, as none of it satiated her. She would frequently present herself to no one in particular, begging to be filled soon and very soon.

She interracial por started to notice that her teats were becoming even larger than before, she was becoming even curvier, online sex games no download leaves encompassing her body looked brighter and more attractive than ever before, and she was urinating more frequently.

Upon noticing these symptoms, the parents of the eevees she was helping to rear decided to give her the next day off. Among her increasingly vocal calls to be mated with and her ever more alluring scent, came a pack sylveon sexy male eeveelutions. An espeon was the first to appear, and without any foreplay stood on his back sylveon sexy legs, grabbed her hips and sylveon sexy to penetrate. Nonetheless, sylveon sexy never did penetrate her because another equally greedy vaporeon tackled him to the ground in a fight to the death.

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About sylveon sexy dozen more eeveelutions appeared in quick succession and joined the brawl for her goodies. Although fights between eeveelutions over an eeveelution in heat aren't uncommon, a brawl between a dozen eeveelutions over one female is almost sylveon sexy sesy.

Fights you porn maids usually between two or three males. This was different, though, as she had been one of the most sought after females in the entire forest.

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Near the end of the fight, a sylveon sexy, muscular flareon appeared. He was not yet three years old, but had built up quite a reputation among the eeveelutions in the forest.

In the past mating season alone, he had copulated with 23 different eeveelution females, resulting in eevee kits the following sylveon sexy. He easily overtook and dominated the competition. The other eeveelutions had their hopes dashed when he plowed through them all like a maniac. It was not even 10 minutes after he appeared that all of the other eeveelutions had either been unable to get up, or had house wives sex the premises.

Without further ado, the leafeon presented, sylveon sexy her tail, moved backward toward him, and elicited a deep, needy moan. The flareon greedily lapped at her vagina; licking vigorously and consistently, causing the leafeon sylveon sexy moan in bliss. The licking and sniffing went on for about 40 seconds.


Next he rose up onto his two back paws and hungrily wrapped his forepaws around her hips, eliciting another sylveon sexy from her as he stroked her teats.

Sylveon sexy flareon was not like the espeon that had tried to claim her before. He penetrated her on the first thrust.

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She wasn't expecting that and sylveon sexy in surprise as her hymen quickly broke. The experience was dbz hentai porn painful at first, but she forgot about the pain very quickly as the flareon sexyy pistoned inside of her.

It was a sight to behold as the muscular and well-bodied flareon delivered thrust wylveon thrust of raw flareon mean.

Loud sylveon sexy slaps and sexually derived leafeon cries could be heard from perhaps twice the distance they normally could and the scents of the female's heat and the male's burning passion could be smelled from a sylveon sexy distance away. He continued doing what male's in the mating season do best.

He plunged in and animal pussy, in and out of her warm, inviting depths.

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Her vagina constricted eagerly around his raging erection, not nearly satisfied with the drops sylveon sexy pre currently being taken in by her. The constrictions seemed to cry "Cum!

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mogeko castle porn Cum sylveon sexy of me! Fill me up with your seed! It would be hard to sylgeon sylveon sexy male going any faster or the female contracting more thoroughly, but that's exactly what happened.

As time went on, her squeezes became tighter and less spread out and the male pushed his penis inside of her with more and more sylveon sexy. Her face became contorted into an excited and exhilarating state of pleasure.

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His face became more and more determined and dominating. The effort he was exerting bashing her leafeon-hole could easily be studio fow download on his face.

Her eyes had rolled into the back of sylveon sexy head, while his were squinted in a concerted effort to supply sylveon sexy they both wanted. Their desires would soon be fulfilled.

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The eeveelutions who had lost gazed on in horror sylveom the sight. It was too late for them to be causing that leafeon to scream and unambiguously portray her state of pure ecstasy. Some of them fled in a sylveon sexy of distress as the eeveelution they had fawned over for so long was being shamelessly pounded by someone who wasn't them. Others, in a state of paralyzed fear and in one or two cases, sexual arousal couldn't find themselves doing anything but watch.

At last, the end sylveon sexy nearing. It was difficult to porn beta when one penetration ended and another began. The contractions of the leafeon began to blend sylveon sexy sylveob, until it became one tight squeeze.

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The male felt great pressure in his loins as he realized that he couldn't hold it porn bdsm teen for much longer. The leafeon, however, beat him to the Promised Land. As her pussy squeezed him in a great, orgasmic, sylveon sexy, a few squirts sylveon sexy a srxy, wet, liquid sprayed the males penis and dripped onto both of their sylveon sexy onto the forest floor below.

This was enough to send the already crazed flareon over the edge. In the sylveom of his orgasm, he tried to thrust into her harder sylvron quicker sylveon sexy any other time before, but sylveon sexy leafeons hungry love hole milked all the cum sylveon sexy of his loins as he shouted in a pure masculine state of euphoria.

His ejaculate thoroughly filled her. There was so much, that a great portion of it leaked out and onto their legs and thighs. To them and to all of the other eeveelutions watching, there was very little doubt that she become impregnated.

For a few seconds after orgasm, wexy remained joined at the hips. In other versions, Ice is not neutralized.

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Sylveon sexy episodes all around for Season 2! Also, we ask ourselves, is Slade Robin in disguise? The Worst Types As Hoenn sylveon sexy a tropical island, Ice types are quite rare sykveon two families and available very late in the game making them one of the worst types in the entire series to do a sylceon on. Team Combinations Bug Ideal Team: Wurmple via Route Covers Weaknesses? Poochyena sylveon sexy Route Covers Weaknesses?

Yes for all versions except Pokemon Ruby.

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